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Cristina Rus

Cristina Rus (born June 21, 1981), is a Romanian dance music singer, dancer and model from Cluj Napoca, mostly known for her past collaboration with Andreea Banica in the group Blondy. She is also known for her current solo career.[1] She has twice reached in the top 5 Romanian MTV music charts with her singles Viata mea ('My Life') and I Don't See Ya.
Rus began her career as a model at the age of 14. She worked with famous Romanian fashion designers, such as Catalin Botezatu and Zina Dumitrescu. Passionate about music, she started studying canto courses at a local music school in Cluj-Napoca. She was later discovered by Sandy Deac from the group Desperado, setting her music career in motion.
In 2001, she met Andreea Banica, a singer that she had wanted to work with. She left Desperado to create the band Blondy with Banica. They became famous in Romania with songs like Ai gresit, Fiesta, Numele tau and Cu tine vreau sa traiesc.
In 2004, Blondy broke up due to a big quarrel[citation needed] between Rus and Banica. They both decided to embark on solo careers. Rus has remained a well-known singer in Romania.
Rus has appeared in FHM Romania and HIGH and was chosen as one of the sexiest Romanian female celebrities by the same magazin

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